We are often required to make sense out of data. We use various techniques depending on the volume and complexity of data. Whatever you call it - data mining, knowledge discovery, olap analysis ... you want to make sense of data. Most of the techniques use simple to complex algorithms to extract patterns and relationships in data, by computation and numerical analysis. Visual analysis helps to discover the patterns and relationships more easily. One visual technique is to use "drill down" from highest aggregation to details in a variety of "paths". This application enables you to do just that.
Prepare you data your data in a spreadsheet or csv format and upload it to Google Documents and make it public and sharable. Note down the URL reference. You enter the url of Google spreadsheet in Drillet and explore it interactively.
Note that we just use one spreadsheet (table). Do not use too many 'codes' in data. Use meaningful names for data elements. In other words 'denormalize' a little and donít 'normalize' too much!
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